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Live Streaming: How it works

We broadcast all important events in life, such as marriage functions and business meetings live over the internet for anyone who should be watching the events for business or personal reasons.

Why Live streaming?

Your valuable events become even more valuable with live streaming. Live streaming will make it possible for you to boost the impact and reach for the important business events.

Reach the audience from all parts of the world!

With state-of-the-art live streaming services by Live4u, you can stream HQ videos over the Live4u website, social media platforms, and any over-the-top platform best suited for the assignment. Reaching your audience Live is now simpler than ever before, only with Live4u!

About us

Live4u came up with their platform to ensure that live events such as marriage functions can delight the spirits of even more people. We have both, corporate and regular clients, and deliver the finest coverage for business and personal events alike. An end-user can catch premium telecast over his smartphone or any other mobile device, and his PC as well.

Our services come in to be particularly useful during the times of COVID-19, wherein social distancing restricted the operation of schools and colleges, and they restored to online classes to ensure that the learning does not end. Several premium schools and colleges use the Live4u platform for conducting online classes.

Similarly, with several employees having to work from home, the services of Live4u come to be useful for them as well. The employees working from home can have live sessions with the offices. They can also use our services if they work in shifts, and come to the office for 3 days, while their colleagues come to the office for the other 3 days to maintain social distancing.Our specialisation lies in corporate interactive conferences, on-demand streaming, delayed webcasting, video streaming, and HD Live event streaming.

Our core competency is our versatility. We are able to combine different technologies such that customer requirements become easy to meet affordability and add to their delight. We keep ourselves updated with the latest developments in the technological world. While being technically sound, we are dedicated to customer satisfaction and offer our efficient services at the best prices in the industry.


Live Marriage Streaming Services is among our top areas of specialisation. We make our tailor-made packages available for customers with all budget constraints. The live telecast of a marriage ceremony adds to the delight of the relatives and loved ones who are not able to attend the ceremonies for any reason, such as residing abroad. They can watch the live telecast and feel that they are a part of the ceremonies.


Best Feature


Our services involve broadcasting your events with HD video live streaming over channels such as YouTube and Facebook, and Cloud Servers.


While you can go for our services to manage the live webcast of your events, we also make technical support available for the entities who intend to manage the webcast for their events on their own. We resolve both, software and hardware related issues that they encounter.


Overall, our services ensure that the webcast related issues stay at bay, and the webcasts are state-of-the-art and glitch-free, as enabled by our technical thoroughness.

On Demand

Our live streaming services are end-to-end, and the top genres include corporate interactive conferences, on-demand streaming, delayed webcasting, video streaming, and HD Live event streaming.


We recognize the value of your precious moments in life, and our telecast makes these moments timeless. Our services are recognized for outstanding video and image quality. Bit rates are based upon individual connection speeds. This ensures that there are no interruptions in the video experience.


Our live streaming services are end-to-end, and the top genres include corporate interactive conferences, on-demand streaming, delayed webcasting, video streaming, and HD Live event streaming.


What People Ask?

1. What are your charges for a live event?

Pricing is dependent on the duration of the event and the viewer count. We make a range of feasible packages available. Contact us for more details.

2. What service will you provide for the packages?

We will send our videographer with the hardware equipment. Similarly, the internet connection will also be ours. We will also give you a domain name that you can share with your loved ones or business associates for watching the live telecast of the events. We will also customize the website with the event pictures. Similarly, we will share a DVD of the telecast after the telecast is through. So, you can relive the precious moments again and again.

3. Is there any computer requirements that my viewer’s computers are required to have?

No; but an internet connection and a web browser, like Google Chrome is a must. The latest version of Adobe flash player will boost the video quality.

4. Will you be able to telecast the live event if our venue does not have an internet connection?

We will be able to broadcast the event using a wireless broadband connection.

5. What happens if my flash player does not play?

Whenever the internet connection is available, the video will start loading automatically. As the requisite levels of connectivity are reached, the video will start playing.

6. I do not see the player. What should I do?

For the videos of events to play live, Flash Media Player 8 or above is required. This can be downloaded from the Adobe website.

7. How will I start the web conferencing meeting with a single click operation?

You will receive a web conferencing link. This opens the interface and unlocks all its features.

8. Do you provide secure online meeting or web conferencing sessions?

Yes, your web conferencing sessions will be 100% private and secure. Web conferencing that we provide features built-in security measures that are always on. This safeguards user-privacy and access to data and computers.

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